We are back on the Cote d’Azur for MIDEM 2018 in Cannes. Last year was very positive, but this year is different. Our catalogue is live, our work is having cultural impact, and our music is in the charts. They say MIDEM ain’t what it used to be, but then neither is the music industry. As a young music publishing company that works pro-actively and with a new model of creative support for our talent, it’s possible that the new MIDEM may suit us more than the old one did. It’s nice to have a strong message and that isn’t drowned out by a high signal to noise ratio.

In the era of Skype, Instagram stories, FaceTime and ubiquitous online presences, there is still nothing like sitting down to share business and musical passions in the real world. It costs a lot more in time, effort and €£$ than a Skype meeting, but as with many things in life; you only get what give. Technology offers convenience, but if we are really honest, that technological convenience often isn’t worth the paper that it is no longer printed on. Face to face, tete a tete, meaningful connections in The Real World. We are very glad to be at MIDEM 2018.

Hamlet Sweeney