Today is the last day of our second songwriting camp in January. These camps have been relatively small with 4 writing rooms occupied by twenty+ writers over two sets of three days. It has been great mix of new and experienced Irish songwriting, production and vocal talent, all working and bonding together with the goal of creating great work. Is every song a hit? Of course not, but so far it feels like we have at least a couple of future cuts.

January is a great time to focus on creativity, that’s why we choose to run two camps in one month. Will we do it again? Well… it has been A LOT of work, and pulling it off has been a bit crazy. So… yes, we’ll probably do two camps in one month again at some point. But for now we’ll go back to one a month and see how brave we’re feeling later in the year! Which probably means we will do three camps in January 2019 🙂

Hamlet Sweeney