Songwriting is both our business and our passion. From full songs to individual song elements, our in-house writers and multi-instrumentalists have experience across many genres. We embrace all methods of writing songs, from the classic to the most modern.


The Nucleus is a one stop shop for licensing and synchs. With both publishing and master rights held under one roof, we can offer clearance on great music to the tightest deadlines. Whether it’s an existing original piece for license, or a bespoke creation for synch, we can deliver.


Production matters. A lot. A well written song can work in many styles, but it takes the right production to turn it into a finished track that captures the ears and hearts of listeners. All of our team have extensive experience in producing, recording and mixing and our own in house production studio is fitted with the world standard equipment.


Nothing fuels inspiration like collaboration. We run residential songwriting camps and events in Dublin and rural Ireland to bring out the best in our writers in inspiring and supportive environments. Other professional artists and writers are invited to contact us to find out about joining us, contact


We run Ireland’s first and only dedicated collaborative songwriting studio. From the top floor of a building on Dublin’s most vibrant street, our creative space is fully fitted out with everything songwriters and producers could wish for. From a wide array of instruments to state of the art recording equipment, we have it all. Even the coffee beans.