This time one month ago the first song from our catalogue went live and I was wrapping up a very fruitful SXSW 2018. The month since then has been a very busy one, and a very good one. The on switch was flicked and suddenly we have three songs out in the world doing well. Developing and growing a business through its beta phase comes with a great sense of purpose and pride. But The Nucleus exists to make songs, not ball bearings, and nothing is as satisfying as seeing our work in the real world being relished by fans. I particularly enjoyed seeing Ireland’s two biggest TV talk shows each feature artists doing songs by The Nucleus two nights in a row (Ryan O’Shaughnessy¬†performing ‘Together’ on The Late Late Show and Jake Carter¬†performing ‘The Little Things You Do’ on The Ray D’Arcy Show). Another Irish artist with whom we have a song is Damian McGinty, formerly a star on TV show Glee. It was great to see the song ‘Unbelievable,’ which is on his recent EP that jumped into the US iTunes top 10.

Our doors are open. Our songs are out there. Our writers are creating work that is just getting better and better. What do we want? More, more, more.

Hamlet Sweeney