Ireland has a proud history in the Eurovision, we have won more than every other country; a mighty seven times. But it has been 5 years since we even managed to get beyond the semi-final stage. We are extremely proud that ‘Together,’ a song we created specially for Eurovision, has finally brought Ireland back to where we belong.

‘Together’ is the first song to which we assigned a catalogue position, it is our song number 001. In a nice twist of fate, it also became our first song to make its way to public ears when it was selected by RTE to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2018. RTE showed great faith in our abilities and went with us, a new musical startup, instead of international hired guns, to work with them on both providing the song and the overall production. We are very happy that their trust and faith has been vindicated.

As a songwriting team, creative hub, and publishing company focused on pop music, we are proud that the Eurovision has turned out to be the launchpad for The Nucleus. It was a launchpad that turned out okay for ABBA. Can The Nucleus do for Irish pop songwriting what ABBA did for Swedish pop songwriting? Yes, absolutely.

Hamlet Sweeney